• Article-Interview: Press-Register Mobile, Alabama: Living Arts Section:

A Passionate Voice: Romanian-born soprano Mihaela Buhaiciuc inspires students and colleagues, Sunday, May 3rd, 2009 by Thomas B. Harrison, Fine Arts Editor:


“Ussery says Buhaiciuc is “… an amazing teacher and an inspiring person [….] She has great sense of humor, creating a relaxing environment and an engaging learning experience. She handles each student with respect and care. Her opinion matters.”[….] Wilcoxson came to Buhaiciuc at a time when she had worn out her voice through her busy singing schedule […..] “Over the time she has been able to rehabilitate my voice and spirit, and I am confident in the training and guidance she has given and will continue to give. She is a rare kind of teacher who can hear and identify your vocal dilemmas and immediately deliver a solution. She definitely has a ‘third eye’ and a sixth sense concerning the voice, so I know she won’t miss a thing”; Breland says […] is a joy to watch her work. She is very respected on this campus”. ”(Full article here:


  • Review: Coral Gables Gazette, Florida: August 1-7th , 2002; This Week Section: An Evening of Romantic and Romance Librettos by Pat Leitch: “[….] Though each song presents unique challenges for a singer, each was performed with excellent expressiveness, articulation, and diction. […] Buhaiciuc’s singing and Andreeva’s playing were charged with coyness and enchanting insights and gave irresistible grounds for the audience’s elated standing ovation”.


  • Review: SBU Graduate Arts, April 2004: Agrippina Seduces Audience by Jo Erikson: “Mihaela Buhaiciuc must have studied the gestures of preteen boys before creating her role, because her performance had an uncanny similarity to that monstrous form of human being. Indeed her brilliant acting transformed those ostentatious runs that Baroque opera so loves into marvelously burlesque and cocky gestures.”


  • On the book: The Art of Singing: The Science of Emotions: January 4th, 2015: “A work of art on the art of singing: I have been teaching voice/singing, mostly at the university level, for over 40 years. I have read hundreds of books and articles, historical and modern, on the art and science of singing. (I am also, by the way, an active performer, not just on ivory-tower type.) There are certainly many noteworthy contributions to the literature of our quest for Truth in singing, But Ms. Buhaiciuc has struck gold. She has succeeded in writing a true METAphysics of singing, albeit a short, just-beginning-to-scratch-the-surface mini-tome. I hope we hear (read) more from her. This is a book, which anyone calling her/himself a teacher of singing should purchase immediately and read…and read, again and again. Don’t take a casual. I-already-know-this-stuff approach or attitude…THINK! Thank you, Mihaela, for this gift, this piece of your heart.” Clay Potterman (